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  • BPS-100 Manual Pump


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Product Description


Output: 1/6Hp, 100W
Outlet: 25mm, 1"
Rated: Head 4m, 41 L/min
Max Flow: 70 L/Min
Max Head (Pressure): 6.5m (64 Kpa)
Size: 155 x 140 x 240 mm
Ideal For: Clean/Rainwater
Drains Down To: 3mm

When there is a need to remove water for drainage purposes then choosing a pump that is going to be able to perform well is a real necessity. It has to be able to deliver on power and durability. For these types of water removal applications the best choice would be the Sparkle Pumps BPS-100 Manual Submersible Water Pump. Aside from the quality and performance capabilities that this pump offers, it also has some great additional benefits and options for it.

One never knows when a water emergency may arise where water has to be removed from an area. This could be a flooded area indoors or out. Having the Sparkle Pump BPS-100 on hand when such a time arises is a real asset. Then for those times when construction is ongoing and a pit or trench has to be cleared of water then again this pump can handle the task at hand.

This Sparkle Pump has the ability to operate at 70L/Min and can provide a 6.5m lift which should be more than enough for its designated applications. It can be used for the removal of either clean or rain water.